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Areas covered by personal training

  • Wimbledon

  • Raynes Park

  • Morden

  • New Malden

  • Worcester Park

  • Kingston

  • Wandsworth

  • and nearby towns

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the Fitnessize promise

'To work with you to give you the tools to achieve your goals and to plan sessions that makes exercise as enjoyable as possible'

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Fitness boot camps in Wimbledon and Raynes Park

Boot camps are a great way to get in shape or stay in shape, regardless of how fit you are. As well as getting fit you will enjoy the social aspect and the sense of achievement at finishing something that will benefit your body and your mind. Beginners are very welcome.


There's 4 boot camps a week to choose from and if you choose my monthly deal you could pay as little as £5 a session, one a week packs are £10-12 per session. All sessions are held in the Wimbledon Area. New bootcamps can also be arranged for a new group upon request.

Boxing Boot Camps in Wimbledon

BLAST, HIIT Boot Camp in Wimbledon

Buy one get one free for your first two boot camps

Running Club in Wimbledon & Raynes Park

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Wednesday's at 715pm

  • Improve your running technique, fitness and speed

  • Constant varied sessions to maximise enjoyment and improvement

  • Great social connections with fellow participants

  • Keep motivated by training for a number of races throughout the year

Friday at 630am

  • 30 mins High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • Short sharp session to boost fitness and metabolism for the whole day

  • You will get stronger all the time and boost your fitness levels to new heights

  • Extreme variation with fitness levels assessed and rewarded every 8 weeks

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Monday's at 7pm, Tuesday's at 11am and Saturday's at 930am

  • Come and have lots of fun getting fit with easy to learn moves

  • You will learn the art of boxing and padding to a high skill level

  • With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles abundent you will get fit fast

  • These bootcamps will tone your body from tip to toe