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Areas covered by personal training

  • Wimbledon

  • Raynes Park

  • Morden

  • New Malden

  • Worcester Park

  • Kingston

  • Wandsworth

  • and nearby towns

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the Fitnessize promise

'To work with you to give you the tools to achieve your goals and to plan sessions that makes exercise as enjoyable as possible'

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Fitnessize Testimonials

It makes the job so rewarding when you recieve feedback like you'll see on this page, and at the same time I hope it gives you the confidence to make the next step to a healthier you.

"It was the motivation and variation I received from Richard which began to change me for the better."

- Joelene Jones

Please feel free to read the kind reviews from my clients....


"I am a huge fan of Fitnessize in Wimbledon and Raynes Park and would recommend training with  Richard Wall to anyone! During the 8 years I've known Rich the PT sessions he created by Richard helped me maintain fitness, lose weight and tone up my body. Rich introduced me to his Boxing Boot camps and glad he did as they are great fun, brilliant exercise and an excellent way to de-stress!  Richard's non-stop encouragement led to me doing a few 10km runs, his belief in me during training helped me complete them! Thank you Richard for helping me achieve more than I thought possible!"

- Tiffany Cartwright

There's no guarantee of the specific results and that the results can vary.

"Richard helped me lose 10kgs to look my best for my mums wedding and I've never felt more confident. I got there by personal training with him once a week and attending his fantastic boxing boot camps.

- Amy Godbold

"My husband and I have been personal training with Rich in Wimbledon for almost 3 years now. We started off with one PT session a week and are now seeing him 3 times a week including his HIIT bootcamp! We are both much fitter and stronger than we used to be. Rich keeps our sessions tough and varied, with loads of creative exercises and equipment. There is a good mix of cardio, strength and balance work in all of our sessions, using running drills, boxing, tennis, TRX, kettlebells, skipping ropes etc. If you're looking to train with someone who will push you hard while keeping things fun, Rich is your man!

- Wendy Ko

"I have been training with Fitnessize for 3 years now. I started off with personal training with Richard to get me off the blocks from an initial state of zero fitness and have attended boxing and blast bootcamps regularly as part of a lifestyle change to get and remain fitter than I used to be.

The 1 hour bootcamp sessions in the park are great and really recommended."

- Savas Nicolaides

"I liked the idea of goals that were set for me, so I pushed myself to achieve the goals that we set."

- Sune Du Toit